Ultrasound Scanner – “Scan Range”

Photo échographe en plein constat de gestation

The world of ultrasound has come a long way in recent years. Thanks to new technologies, we now have access to powerful, lightweight ultrasound scanners with incredible image quality and sometimes even wireless probes! AXCE has put together 3 ultrasound scanners that will meet your needs no matter what you use them for!

Photo de l'échographe Liberty Scan avec image d'une écho d'ovaire en mode Doppler


"The ultrasound scanner of the futur!"

The Liberty Scan is the flagship ultrasound scanner of the AXCE range. Indeed, this little jewel of technology combines many advantages at a price defying all competition!

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wifi : wireless probes
  • HD quality images
  • Doppler effect available
  • Several probes available
  • Multi-species use
  • Probes

    The right probe for every species! Whatever your needs, you will find probes for all species on our ZEN shop: 

    • Linear probe (cow)
    • Vectorial probe (sheep, goat, pig)
    • Convex probe (sheep, goat)
    • Curve probe (cow, sheep, goat)


    Screen: Ipad series
    Scanning: Linear
    Probe frequency: 6,5 / 8 MHz transducer
    Deapth: 40-100 mm
    Display modes: B, BM, Colour, PDI and PW modes Grayscale: 256 levels
    Ultrasound battery life: Up to 6 hours continuous or 14 hours standby
    IPad battery life: Up to 10 hours continuous use
    Size of main probe housing: 180mm x 63mm x 20mm Cable length: 1.7m
    Weight: 390g


    Photo de l'échographe V10 d'AXCE


    "The everyday ultrasound scanner"

    The V10 is the compact ultrasound scanner that combines all the features needed for good ovarian and pregnancy monitoring! An unequalled quality-price ratio!

  • Lightweight and portable
  • HD quality image
  • Multi-species

  • Probes

    The v10 has only one probe but it is the essential probe that is preferred by the majority of ultrasound users:
    • Linear probe (cow)


    Displays: 8” Touch Tablet High Resolution LCD
    Monitor Size: 210 x 142 x 16 mm
    Weight: 600g
    Battery life: 4 hours
    Recharge time: 2 hours
    Battery: International Li Ion Battery pack
    Ports: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, HDMI, Audio
    Features: Gain, depth, enhancement, image and video saving


    Photo échographe V6 AXCE


    "The simple and accessible ultrasound scanner!""

    The V6 is the best-seller of the breeder-inseminator, simple to use and easy to access, it will be perfectly suitable for first steps with ultrasound and pregnancy tests at low prices!

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use

  • Probes

    The V6 is intended for users who wish to make gesture observations, for which nothing is better than the sectorial probe:
    • Sectorial probe (cow)


    Displays: 3.5″ high resolution TFT LCD (dust and waterproof)
    Size: 171 x 93 x 62 mm
    Weight: 340g
    Image: Grayscale, 256 Depth: Max 160 mm Battery life: < 2h30min
    Battery: Internal Li Ion Battery pack
    Features: Distance, volume, heart rate, OB


    Retrouvez toute notre gamme d’échographe sur notre boutique ZEN !