A new insemination concept.

Since 1946, animal insemination is common practice in most farms. In 70 years, however, the process has not evolved. Elexinn is now creating XtremiA and XtremET, two new concepts in insemination and embryo transfer. Their particularity: to touch the ultimate… Revolution? Maybe… Real developments in the field of animal insemination and embryo transfer, without a doubt !

To touch the ultimate

This new system allows to go, gently and easily, up to 25cm into the uterine horn, without constraint for the operator. It is no longer the animal or technician who bends to a rigid and inflexible material, but the material that now adapts to the female’s anatomy.

The inseminator’s expertise at the heart of the process

XtremiA is a technique that requiers a high level of technicality through the protocol used, as well as a particularly dexterity in the fine handling that the technician will do with the tool.

Less iterations, more success

The deposition of sperm as close as possible to the place of fertilization makes it a particularly suitable technique for the use of sexed semen (+10 to 15% fertility observed), or on animals with more than 3 AIs that do not have ovulation disorders (up to 16% additional fertility).

More than an insemination gun, a new insemination concept

XtremiA represents a real evolution in the field of animal insemination by combining a specific material allowing seed to be easily deposited at the end of the uterine horn with a pre-ovulatory ultrasound report.

To deposit an embryo simply and easily without manipulation of the uterine horn…. Impossible? No! This is done thanks to the new device XtremET, which opens the way to embryo transfer 2.0.

The first embryo transfer gun for everyone

The telescopic sheath of the XtremET device allows the operator to reach the end of the uterine horn without handling it…. This opens the way for embryo transfer to the greatest number of people!


Easy transfer

Thanks to XtremET, to deposit your embryo as far as possible, but in an atraumatic way becomes easy because it is now the material that conforms to the animal’s anatomy. The system therefore makes it possible to standardize the installation results between operators, regardless of their frequency of installation.

The end of peridural during transfer

Compared to a traditional transfer gesture, the operator working with XtremET no longer has to manipulate the horn to progress in it… It is therefore more well-being for the animal and a better comfort for the technician!

Use cows to re-implant

The difficulty of placing on a larger uterus such as the one of a cow is no longer a problem with XtremET, so it is possible to consider transfers to cows and thus increase the pool of available recipients. More recipients, better quality, transfers on natural heat…. So many significant savings for breeders!



The app to estimate your savings of AI !

Whether you are a breeder or a technician, find the recommended targets for XtremiA and run simulations according to your livestock and your objectives or those of your breeders.